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but have times changed? >> defending freedom. g dismie this is a fox news alert from new york. i'm marianne rafferty. a deadly fire, spad by a gas main break explosion is raging through a san francisco suburb. 53 homes destroyed and 123 damaged. the fast-moving flames killing one person and dozens others are injured. the explosion and fast-moving flames forced many people in the area to rush from their homes. >> all the windows in the house shook, and the house felt like it was shaking, it was that strong. then she said earthquake! i'm like, wow, we ran out of the house. we ran out to the front and we were there right when the explosion happened. a big explosion happened over there, and the flames came up like stories high. >> we just fled. we were terrified, screaming.
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we just ran to our car. it was like horrifying. >> the beds were shaking. it was almost like an earthquake, but more powerful. >> for more on this developing story, let's turn now to our reporter at ktvu who joins us live from the scene in san bruno. john, what can you tell us about what is looks like there now? >> right now, i will go ahead and show you behind me. you can look down there and you can see a fire truck in the foreground. on the other side of the fire truck is a big building complex. there may be a couple homes there. on the other side of the buildings is basically some wisping smoke. that was a raging inferno about 6:00 pacific. that was a raging inferno. people in this neighborhood within a quarter mile, half mile said these flames were jumping hundreds of feet into the air over here. we are in front of a grove of
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eucalyptus trees. and he said you could see the flames over the trees. we happen to be on a hill. above here they could see the flames. these were flames jumping high in the sky. i know you can see on the video there that this was just an absolute inferno. and it was a transmission pipeline owned by pg&e. it was an absolute guiser, if you will, of flames coming out of the ground here. so far different situation here. they don't have it under control yet, but they feel like they have it fully contained at least. they don't think it will be growing anymore. but certainly in the time after 6:00 pacific they lost 53 homes and 123 others knowledge aded, and they lost at least one life. it is unclear if other lives
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will be lost as well. >> john, you have watched this fire. it looks like it has happened really fast. you can only imagine what it must be like to watch your home burning around you and you are trying to get out and grab anything you can. have you been able to talk to any of these people who had to get out quick? >> we kind of had some conversations with some people who said that -- most of the people up here we were talking to were from the neighborhood above the fire zone. we talked to a couple of people who simply said they didn't have time to do anything other than grab a pet or grab a purse and run out of the house. they didn't have time to grab their car or anything. they had to run out. this fire was spreading so quickly. it was pretty windy this afternoon. fortunately it wasn't windy like down in southern california they have the santa ana winds. it has been a very cool summer and we have an offshore flow that kicks up about now.
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it has been a very, very cool summer, and it could have been a different situation if those winds had kicked up. but it was swirling around enough that people had to get out quickly. i was listening to the sound bytes you aired and there was some talk in some of the sound byteses that felt like an earthquake. some people because we are close to the san francisco airport, a lot of people thought it was a plane crashing into the neighborhood. there were a number of reports on tv and on the radio and they were saying they believe it was actually a plane crashing. it even sounded like a plane that was very low and roaring over a low pitch and maybe having engine trouble before the explosion happened. that made people think even more so this was a plane crash and how many people could have died if that was the case. it turned out to be not a
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plane crash or even a gas station explosion. but rather the natural gas pipeline. how that ruptured and what was going on and were there people working on the ground nearby and did they hit it accidentally? all that has to come out. >> earlier we heard from the san bruno fire chief, and he was asked a question by one of the reporters that people that live in the area reported smelling gas for maybe up to a week before this happened. what can you tell us about that? we we talked to a couple residents who are upset. they believe there is a connection. we don't believe there was a connection between the smell of natural gas and what happened tonight. but we did talk to a number of people who heard that -- sorry, not only heard it, but smelled the natural gas for several weeks in this area. they smelled it coming out of the sewer lines.
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they smelled it in the area. in one case a gentleman told me he was at his house, garage was open and doing work, and pg&e tells him to shut his garage and tells everybody to shut their garage because they believed they had a natural gas leak. no indication though there was any connection between that and what happened at 6:00 p.m. on thur night. -- thursday night. i did want to point out we had indication from some of the residents in the area, were down there when this was first going on, and they saw firefighters trying to get water out of the high drants and unable to -- hydrants and unable to do so because there was no water. >> that's a bad situation, no water with a fire like that. >> absolutely. >> they talk about this high pressure gas line, people hearing this massive explosion. and they said they were unable to get close enough to it to shut it off. that's not the case now, they
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have it shot off? >> that's long been shut off. i don't know if we could stand here if it wasn't. it was such an enormous fireball. to tell you the truth, i have seen a lot of cases where there has been a ruptured natural gas line. i have seen plenty of wildfires. thising looed like something entirely different. it looked like a guiser of something other than natural gas. i talked to a friend of mine who is a fire chief on the other side of the bay from here, and he said when he looked at it it looked like natural gas. and that is what it turned out to be. i swear the coverage we had on the air, the helicopter footage and ground footage, it looked -- imagine if you will niagara falls turned upside down and flames instead of water. that's what thising looed like. it was an -- that's what this looked like. it was an enormous amount of flames that was just filling
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the screen and shooting hundreds of feet into the air. >> they said they weren't sure everybody was out of there. have you heard reports of anyone else being rescued or anyone else that may be inside the area where the fire was burning? >> yeah, we haven't up here heard the reports of anybody missing. but you can imagine this thing went up so quickly and consumed so many homes so fast that people wouldn't be able to get out quickly enough and perished in the fire. >> you also mentioned a hotline being set up. i'm sure there are a lot of people concerned that haven't heard from relatives. how are they being told as far as how they can get information? >> certainly the red cross is here and of course san bruno city can help out. there is a mall called the the
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bay hill shopping mall, and that's where the evacuation center is. it is the command center for all of this. anybody who is looking for some help needs to go there. that's where the authorities are. maybe even they can find loved ones there. >> is that also where they can apply for some sort of aide? we know the state of california declared san bruno a disaster area. is that where they need to go if they need help? >> that's where i would start, definitely. >> what are you hearing about the shelter as far as what is being done to accommodate these people? at least a hundred people had to evacuate and they went to the center. >> the red cross is always fantastic. they are always out here trying to help out. we did talk to some people who actually live up in the area that wasn't affected, but that do have family. they said to me they would be taking care of their family members who lost a home or the
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gentleman lost his home in the fire. as you can imagine some people will be staying with family. some people will be staying with friends. others probably don't know what they will do. the red cross is there. i'm sure they are at that bay hill shopping center, and they are doing what they can to take care of everybody. >> thank you, john, so much for joining us and for all of the information you just gave us. ktvu reporter, thank you. now we will go to mary mcmillan. she is with the san mateo department of emergency management and talk about what is being done with the relief effort, helping those people who had to leave their homes quickly to escape that massive, raging fire that we have just been showing you all night and all morning. mary, what can you tell us right now about the -- we are talking about the shelter and about what is being done to help people right now? >> sure, and san mateo county's role is just a support role. we have been working since just after 6:00 setting up two
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emergency shelters. there's one at the san bruno recreation center at 251 city parkway. they have approximately 80 folk who have come there for shelter. and a second shelter has been set up at a senior center, a little over a hundred there. we have been working in concert with the red cross. they are terrific. and a number that you might want to air for folks is 650-259-1750. that's a phone number folks can call if they are trying to look for somebody or look for shelter as the red cross can help from there. >> mary, can you go ahead and repeat that number for us? a lot of people are still looking for relatives, maybe they haven't heard from them and want to make sure everything is okay. >> that's right. the red cross number can be helpful for them. it is area code 650-259-1750.
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red cross has folks staffing that right now and can help work with folks who are looking for loved ones or looking for shelter or some sort of relief there available. i can say the other response in terms of sending mental health workers, health workers or any kind of support have been deployed from the county. people like safe way. safe way jumped up and took care of food for the group. they made sure there was food at all of the shelters to take care of those in need. nice response from the community. >> and tell us again how many people that you know of that are in these shelters. we heard from the fire chief there could be more pw
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>> what about family pets? >> animal control folks will be on the scene first thing in the morning. there will be assistance. >> those people that are in the shelters, do they bring their animals with them? >> there is provisions made, and red cross looks out for that. animal shelter will be there to provide assistance probably first thing in the morning in terms of giving some relief in that regard. >> that's great. what is the next step. how long would people stay at the shelter before they would say get temporary housing? >> we will start working on that first thing tomorrow morning. >> when you talk about the fact the state declared it a disaster area, how does that
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help relief the red cross. >> it helps the city of san bruno, all of the mutual aide, police, fire, healthcare workers, safety workers in terms of providing funding to allow the funds to make it out expeditiously. i understand the lieu 10 -- the lieutenant govenor is coming down tomorrow as well. >> in situations like this, you mention the mental health workers that you bring in. people obviously are going to be upset. they had to leave as fast as they could and take anything you could salvage. why is that so important after an ordeal like this? it is a very traumatic experience. and it is important to have people there to help them work through the issues and deal with what's going on around
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them. we have also had a terrific response from the faith-based community to be present and provide support to folks as well. >> now, i covered a lot of disasters like this, mainly weather-related. and it is always important. it seems like at a time like this, you know, prayers help. >> yeah. tough time. >> definitely. >> and it will be as bleak tomorrow morning when they really need to get back out there, building inspectorses and the rest. >> all right. mary mcmillan, thank you so much and good luck with everything you are doing out there to help those families. >> thank you. >> appreciate you. just a recap if you are just joining us, massive fire in san bruno, california. it is a suburb of san francisco. it started about 6:00 p.m. pacific. firefighters now have it about 50% contained. at least one person dead, dozens injured.
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180 people had to be evacuated. they are at shelters at this point. stay with fox newschannel for more on this developing story. we will keep on it right up to the minute. now back to glen beck. >> they are too cool. we are all waiting on you to join facebook. >> that is true. bill, you are not on facebook. you are on butt book. >> yeah, it is a hammer site. they have nails, hammers, what have you. where the study went wrong is they went to 18 to 25-year-olds. 18 to 25-year-olds are nas cysts because they are 18 to 25-year-olds. that is the most knar saw cystic time in your lives. why didn't they spread it? there are more adults over 25 on facebook than under. >> they are there for different reasons. post 25 are married. >> they are there to show off their children. every single person i know has
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their children's picture listed as their profile picture. there is nothing wrong with that. i don't have children. for a couple weeks i put my nieceses' pictures up there. it doesn't make their knar saw cysts. >> it is narcissism by proxy, that's what it is. look at these adorable kids. because they are adorable, i'm adorable. that disgusts me. >> no, if a girl is doing it it is because i'm adorable. if a guy does it, look at my cute nephew. now will you lay me? >> a hybrid of a baby and a dog is the best way. i tried to make one in my basement. it didn't work out. facebook exists for the plus 25 people to make married people feel like they are still desirable by people they once knew. they don't go there -- it is a knar saw cystic exercise and it encourages stable bonds to become unstable. >> the divorce rate will super seed the marriage rate because of facebook.
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>> it is for husbands to find their old high school girlfriends and reunite. >> it is so totally innocent. >> they should put that in their ad campaign. >> they should come up with something called finishing the facebook. i would like to own that url. it would be completely different. >> bill, you are not on facebook? don't you think there is something wrong with you and you are hiding something? >> why go on facebook? >> what wos it like to be the first woman president of the aryan nation? remy spencer looks back fondly. >> first, where were you when these two bid adieu? i was roller blading and i came right home.
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so, we are just 103 days away from a special date in our nation's history. yes, on december 23rd, 2010, we will mark the first anniversary of the break up between susan sarandon and her bo, robins. this is how she assessed the split, "the nation mourns. i had a lot of people who came up to me and were not upset as i was, but definitely upset. i felt a sense of responsibility because people had an idea of who i was and how we were." yes the nation mourns indeed. it was devastating i can imagine all of us were remembering where we were when we heard the news. i was at the pharmacy getting a prescription filled. i remember because i was so stressed out. the generic brand was cheaper, but will it stop recurrences? how petty were my earns cked. but my worrieses were washed
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away when scott texted me the news. tim and susan, it is over. i imagine this is how my parents felt on november 22nd, 1963. but like always, our country and our people soldiered on. we absorbed the shock, we mourned, but we moved on. but make no mistake, we will never forget. which is why i am proposing we build a community center near where tim and susan broke up which is the cafe on hollywood boulevard. order their california roll, but not to go. they pack it in deadly styrofoam. it will have a swimming pool and play area for kids and a nondenominational stage for friend to watch their wonderful films. i am fond of the lemon seen from atlantic city. if you don't agree you are a homophobe. will, is there nothing left to believe in? >> you said. it you mourned,
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i mourned, we all mourned. looking back, i think that's why brooks hung himself in "shawshank." >> that's amazing because that happened before the break up. that just shows how smart tim robins is. he knew it wouldn't last and he hung himself. jesse, do you remember where you were at the time of the split? >> i do. i was devastated by this. i can't think in our nation's history of a more infamous december date. i was hanging out with my two japanese buddies. we were on i think pearl street, and we were having a do you of caw macaw swrees and we heard the news. we thought this was easily the worst thing that has happened in december. it almost ruined our trip to arizona. >> terrible. remy, what affect did their break up have on you? >> i just don't believe in love anymore. i don't.
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and i can't believe we are talking about this. it is interesting to see her remarks about the people's reaction about her break up. >> do you think it was a little overblown? or do you think maybe she underplayed the break up? she underplayed it. >> she did not want to be mellow dramatic. she didn't want to go out on a ledge. she said it how it was. >> i think the break up may force her to rethink her aryan ways, remy. >> definitely aryan. >> bill, how do you think this will affect tim, and how will he fill that void in his life? more cocaine? >> i was told he was filling a lot of voids in tie land. -- in thailand. i tell you when i think of the crash of 2009 my heart goes out to the real victims, and no not their stupid jerky kids. i am talking about all of us,
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the collective world. my heart goes out to me, greg. i am the real victim here. >> you are the real victim here. >> and if i may, the real hero. >> you are the cause and the solution. >> i am the madonna and the whore. >> the yin and the yang. >> the chip and the monk. >> chan and the yang. those are the siamese twins. can you enter the mile high club if you are by yourself? jesse joyce pleads his case when we return. >> i like that. >> this is a really long dissertation. >> is this the greatest political speech ever? say yes and call it a day.
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what is better than watching me undress for the next five minutes? nothing. what i'm about to show you may be the greatest political speech ever made in the history of the world. make that universe. the man's name is phil davidson. he is running for stark county, ohio. you should watch the whole damn thing. >> ladies and gentlemen of the star county republican party, executive committee, good evening, and thank you not only for your attendance, but
3:31 am
allowing me the opportunity to speak. my name is phil davidson. i am seeking the position of star county treasurer on november 10th -- november of 2010, excuse me. in terms of my background, i am from the village of minerva where i am serving my 13th year -- of elected service of a minerva councilmember in terms of education i have a bachelor's degree of sociology, a bachelor's degree in history, a master's degree in public administration and a master's degree in communication. in terms of elections across star county, i have represented our party twice on the county ballot in both the primary and general elections.
3:32 am
when i ran in 1996 and star county in 2000 and i will not apologize for my tone tonight. i have been a republican when times good and i have been a republican in times bad. albert einstein issued one of my faff rest quotes in the history of the spoken word and it is as follows: in the middle of unit opportunity -- excuse me. in the middle of difficult lies opportunity. i hillary pete that so i have claire -- i will repeat that so i have clarity. in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. this is the opportunity we have been waiting for. the star county treasurer's office is a mess. it is in dire need of structure and guidance. and now is the time to seize
3:33 am
this opportunity. with an aggressive campaign and an even more aggressive campaigner. if nominated tonight i promise each and every person in this room i will hit the ground running, come out swinging and end up winning! let's send a message tonight to the people of star county and to the people of the star county democratic party, we're tired of business as usual. drastic measures? yes, who said that? thank you. drastic measures. knowledge is power. let's tap into this knowledge and use it as a tool to win the treasurer's off. let's use this knowledge not only as a tool, but as a
3:34 am
weapon. we must win this election. if nominated i will win this election, and i will say this again so there is no miscommunication tonight. if nominated tonight i win. tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell randy gonzalez. no guns loaded. i believe in the entity and the principals of the national republican party, the state of ohio republican party and the star county republican party. if nominated i will not hide those beliefs on my march to victory on election day. if nominated tonight i can guarantee you with 100% certainty that what you are seeing from me tonight is what everyone else outside those doors will get over the next eight weeks. i used to be an idealistic thinker. i am now a pragmatic thinker. government may be about service. politics is about inwithing. -- is about winning. tonight a candidate is seeking
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a position as star county treasurer, i humblely ask for your vote as a member of the star county republican party. thank you. >> he didn't get the nomination, sadly. that's your loss, stark con too -- county and america's loss. bill, you said the treasury office in stark county is a mess. is that enough to ignite your passions? >> absolutely. i think on a list of one to awesome if anybody will clean it up it will be this dude. he spoke to me. i said it with my ear hole and felt it with my brain hole. you know when you hear the phrase tone deaf, this guy is tone deaf. he doesn't even know it. but he goes up and down. i don't think he can hear it. he has no idea. >> jesse, what did you love most about him? >> oh, god, you know what i loved most is he reminds me of another charizmatic young poll ligs. i don't know if you remember when hitler ran for doofeldorf
3:36 am
comptroller. it was amazing. during the speech i translated some of it. hitler said in the speech -- "my opponent glen boone promises audits on all township spending, and yet the intersection at main and sunrise has been under construction for four years now" and then he said something about how he hate jews, but my german is a little rusty. >> doesn't he -- isn't he the antidote to the smooth tele prompter that is obama. >> yes, these people made a massive mistake. he sealed and put a ribbon on it and he said what you see tonight is exactly what the people outside this room will see. i don't know what happened. >> remy, you are a woman, and you have passions, did he stoke your passions because he was passionate? >> did he stoke my passion? quite frankly, greg, not to be too personal, but that's not what does it for me. >> really? >> no. wow. wow, wow, wow.
3:37 am
i have seen some crazy lawyers give closing arguments sort of like this and they can say it is the passion about the victim, but this guy was all over the place. he didn't remember his background, his favorite quote. his voice cracked the way my twin brother's did when going through puberty. he sounded like a crazy person. >> you have a twin brother? >> yes. >> is he as hot as you? >> does he like to go camping? no, he is the same age as you. >> let's cut to the brass tax. >> no, i was really -- i was so sure that speech was going to end with him going, who's with me? and he was going to run through the plate glass window. >> i love the use of his hands. >> it is a school and it is a weapon.
3:38 am
there was no difference. my advice to him is when you are going to speak and you have your notes there, you should stay closer to the podium in the middle of it. when you are making a quote from einstein don't walk away. stay over here. >> we need to do a shout out for him and do the teases. >> we are going to -- we are cam -- campaigning to get him on the show. i would vote for him for president of anything. >> we do need to staff up. >> he can be president of the moon for all i care. >> don't we need a fire chief? we need to elect one for the 18th floor. >> i need a new sidekick. >> hey. another? >> before we go, do you think after this he goes back to his job? does he have a job? >> what does he do for a living? >> or is he unemployed? >> he needs to let it out one night. >> when he goes back to work i'm assuming he works in an office. are they like, great job, what
3:39 am
was his name? frank. >> he looks like a frank. >> can you imagine the way he screamed and what he said when he found out he didn't get the nomination? >> he didn't care he lost. he wrote that speech and delivered it, and it was -- it is going to be seen after our show. 30 to 40 million people watch this show. >> my guess is he is either a high school football coach or brave heart impersonator. >> on that note we have to move on. do you have a comment? it is that simple. and to leave a voicemail, 212-462-4040. she is a delightful lady. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by the apocalypse family. being prepared has been this family's motto. that's something we can respect. thanks apocalypse family.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to sc-cupp. >> oh, hello, how are you? >> just busy. >> i was hanging out. quran burning. greg, i could swear in that video reverend jones says iman and not imam. i don't know if he knows what one is. >> i don't know where he found the other guy. that's what i don't know. he has a mystery imam behind him. >> more questions than answers. >> we should find out if david bowie's wife is a muslim. >> bill, you wanted greg to open up a gay bar called "the gate." there is already a lounge in chelsea called "the gates,"
3:44 am
but something tell meze you knew that already. >> first of all, how dare you. but second, while you were busy posing you would have heard i want the doors on the gay bar to be called "the gates." >> you put the name of the club on the bar, right? you don't name doors. >> either way, would you be my shopping buddy? >> it doesn't earth ma. bill only -- well, never mind. >> i knew there was a door thing. >> why go there? >> let's not. >> will, you said you thought the pastor was afraid of getting beheaded, but in al-qaeda's defense they don't seem to go after public agitators who make loud political statements, it is just women and children, no? >> yes. >> gotcha. greg there are famous rai ouls -- there are famous rauls of
3:45 am
the famous swedish volunbergs. >> they are all dead. everyone you mentioned are dead. >> bill, they are not like pigs, but harier. they are members of the family of hoofed mammals. >> my favorite family. >> will, you asked if castro would deliver -- would consider their feelings before he announced communism is working. don't you think they will spin this to say it makes castro the ultimate progressive who can adapt with changing times? >> remy, i don't want to be presumptuous, but if you are putting your nieces' picture up if you -- for your profile, it is not a good strategy if you are single and looking. >> good point.
3:46 am
>> take it down now. >> you do get the weirdest guys around your house. >> the crash of 2009, greg, is there a reason you insist on calling susan sarandon, susan sarandon? >> did i? >> i can't believe you made me google magnum twisters. >> are you glad you did? >> yeah. >> they are twisted for your pleasure. and just to check all y'all, it is phil davidson and not davison. i don't know why you don't think he will have a job? did joe the plumber go back to plumming? >> well, did you find out? >> no. >> what were you doing for the four minutes? >> i was working on my pose. >> and practicing pencil
3:47 am
licking. >> andy works on his pose, but he wouldn't admit that. >> that's why i am cooler. >> signing off, that's all i have. >> really? lack luster performance. just kidding. we have to take a break. a new seg -- segment i like to call punch bill in the face. shut up greg's face.
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becky, look at her bible, it is so huge. she looks like one of those preacher guy's girlfriends. who understands those preacher guys anyway? they only talk to her because she looks like mother theresa. okay? i mean, look at it, it's huge. it's gross. she just looks like righteous. >> ♪ i like big bibles ♪ and i cannot lie you christian brothers can't lie ♪ ♪ you get stoked ♪ ♪ you know this girl is saved ♪ ♪ it looks like one of those lost ones ♪
3:52 am
♪ oh baby ♪ i wanna read wicha ♪ my minister tries to console me ♪ >> that was an original hit called "baby good book." i bet a rapper could get rich. >> when did the situation get saved? >> he just bought a bentley. i think i will shoot myself in the face. >> magic. all right, it is time for messages for greg. it has been awhile. kickback, relax and feast your eyes on a dog playing pool as we bathe your ears with warm, soapy words. >> hi, greg. i used to go to school with a kid named pat an droog -- androginous, that's a great name for bill. >> hi, greg. i live in the midwest and i am trying to understand something. about two, two and a half minutes into your show every evening i have this urge to
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run up to my tv. i pull up my shirt and i scream, oh billy! why does that happen? >> yes, this is for bill shultz. greg brady called and he wants his hair do and wardrobe back. >> greg, i loved your book. and it seemed like the first half of the book you wrote with the mind set your wife might be reading it. and the second half of the book you fore went that altogether. >> greg, i'm serious, you need to come find me because i'm still totally lost in andy's eyes. >> dude, tell bill to wear some [bleep]. i am sick of seeing his stupid feet. >> greg, i love the book. i put it up there with" hobbit "and" super fudge." >> hi, greg, out here in california everybody wants to send the money.
3:54 am
where do we send the money for the gay bar? i have friend in arizona and oregon and washington. where do we send the money, honey? you have to get on this. you go, dude. build that gay bar. we're counting on you. >> that dog totally scratched. >> didn't know they allowed him to come on. >> stupid dog. >> you know what, dogs shouldn't be playing pool. that's it. >> good . -- good point. >> the dog was about to ruin that table. we left that camera on any longer -- >> and the pocket would have been full. >> keep calling me on my direct line, 212-560-5050. and to see recent shows go to
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you know what, what, greg. you can see me on "the owe riley factor" at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and bill will be on america's nightly scoreboard. i wish it was a real scoreboard so we can go by and shoot him in the face. time to go back to sc-cupp for the post game wrap up. >> turns out phil davison is a city councilman. so he was elected before. >> yeah, but you know what, is that a real job? that's a part-time job. >> yeah, he gets a stye pen. before that he was a bailiff in a jail. >> a bail live in a jail. -- bailiff in a jail. >> i love him. >> remy i hear you will be in the paper today. in what police blotter will we
3:59 am
find you? >> the new jersey star there is an article about a big win of mine in new jersey where the courts upheld the sank tau tee of marriage. they prevented the state from forcing a wife to testify against her husband. so it was a very big win for us. we are very excited. justice prevailed. >> and i wanted to say yes for all who saw on twitter, bill was crying on sunday at the ghost tour. >> not surprising. >> somebody stepped on my foot. >> jesse, where will you be next week? >> the columbus funny bone from the 15th to the 19th. >> yeah, you are. >> not at the funny bone. >> that's not a dental office, is it? >> no, it is a comedy club. but if you go there -- if you want my other date go to my facebook page. i have a picture of remy's niece. >> have to go. sorry, will, back to you, greg. >> good job, will. thank you, sc, remy spencer, always a pleasure,

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